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In its headquarters in Quattro Castella (RE), at the foot of the Matildic hills, Ferrarilearn offers training and consulting services to companies in the fields of safety, environment, prevention, hygiene and privacy.

Agency: Alias Comunicazione

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Rigi Staff Recruiting

Since 1986 RIGI has worked in the Research, Selection and Training of Personnel, both on the national and international market in various product sectors: food, engineering, pharmaceutical, clothing, services, Public Bodies.
The selection is focused on finding professionals up to the level of Directives positions.

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Web portal for the sale of used, selected and guaranteed campers and caravans, from Dealer to Private.
The site offers visible and searchable ads for used vehicles offered by Dealers belonging to ASSOCAMP - National Association of Recreational Vehicle Operators and Articles for Camping.

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La Ducale Alimentare Shop Online

News, natural products and tradition: these are the criteria that guide the mission of the Arcobaleno and La Ducale Alimentare which, through a continuous selection, update their assortment of Italian artisan food and confectionery specialties.

In its catalog the best of vegetable preserves, fish, artisanal pasta, jams and honey, typical bakery and confectionery products and an assortment of certified organic products.

A selection of products can now be purchased directly online.

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Illumino Service e-commerce

Illumino Service S.r.l. is based in Villanova di Castenaso (Bologna) and has been operating in the lighting technology sector for shows since 1982, providing facilities, equipment, personnel and everything necessary for every type of show and spectacular event in Italy and abroad.

It provides services for theatrical performances, concerts, conventions, exhibition stands, exhibitions and shows, fashion shows, discos, museum and architectural lighting, advertising and sports events, parties, ceremonies, weddings and on any occasion that requires professional lighting.

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Ferraguti bookstore

The Ferraguti bookstore is located in the old Parma of “Oltretorrente”, an area rich in history and culture, a popular district that saw the famous Barricades of '22.
Ivo Ferraguti has consolidated its antiquarian bookseller business since 1997, welcoming customers and visitors and publishing quarterly mail order catalogs.
Without neglecting the continuous research on the history books, literature, first editions, humor, show, old books, children's books, the bookshop has turned to an original specialization in newspapers and magazines, managing to conclude some prestigious collections, but above all setting a large warehouse available to customers and a laboratory to try to complete the collections, reaching the goal of "all published".

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Bolzoni - Sbernini Law Firm

The Bolzoni - Sbernini Law Firm, now represented in an associate form by the lawyers Alberto Bolzoni, Giulio Sbernini and Chiara Sbernini, sons of the founders, is located in San Secondo Parmense, in the Province of Parma, a point of reference for the whole "Bassa Parmense" and in a strategic position near the cities of Parma, Cremona and Piacenza.

The Law Firm has been providing judicial and extrajudicial assistance in all areas of civil law for over 40 years, with particular interest in the fields of road accidents, sports accidents and any type of accident, medical malpractice and protection in the medical field, protection and debt collection in favor of companies and individuals, family law, consumer rights, evictions for delinquency and finite rent, various contracts and obligations, tourism law and advice on animal rights.

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Gazza Anselmo

The Gazza family has owned and operated the company for three generations. It has been a key figure for multiple industries and for artisan companies by supplying technical items for pneumatic and steam machinery.

The company was initially founded to satisfy requisites needed for plant engineering in food industries and vapor installations. It has always met the demands required by industries such as steam plants, diathermic oil plants, superheated water plants, and compressed air plants.

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Idrovita is an innovative water-repellent polymer, sodium-free, biodegradable, registered and certified for use in floriculture.
It is designed to reduce the consumption of water, regulate the water supply and oxygenate the soil with its mechanical movement, bringing the right welfare to the plants.
NEST S.r.l. he conceived and developed the Idrovita / Polygreen water-retreating polymer. It is a recently established company but with a strong experience in the field of innovative materials.
Ferrari Group and Ipierre System market and distribute the Idrovita product exclusively.

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With 150 centers in Italy and more than 500 in the world, Figurella is the largest international organization specialized in lifestyle and women's weight loss, a point of reference in the field of women's health and well-being.

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Pareti Sport Center

Pareti Sport Center, a climbing hall opened in Parma in 2006, is the first large-scale modern-style room open in Italy and is the result of 35 years of indoor climbing in the city.
In recent years, Pareti Sport Center has scaled thousands of people, hundreds of school classes, forged athletes who have become adults together and in some cases professionals of climbing, like Michele Caminati.
He organized competitions of national and international relevance, from the Italian Cups to the Juvenile European Championship, and he invented the formula of bouldering rallies, copied all over the world.

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La nostra buona acqua

Water services portal. System for the management of billing for users of the municipal water system for the Municipality of Berceto (Parma).
The application manages all aspects of the municipal water system, from user records to tariffs, from management of readings to data processing, to the creation, printing and sending of invoices.

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Pareti Climbing Magazine

Pareti Climbing Magazine is the national reference for climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts. Since 1996 the Italian vertical to 360°: mountaineering, climbing, bouldering in 100 color pages.
2018 is the twenty-second year of publications of this magazine, twenty-two years of Pareti, about 8000 days of evolution of mountaineering and climbing, the tastes and habits of a population in a dramatic expansion.
"" is also one of the most important specialized websites in Italy.