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Ascom Parma Partner

The new ICT group of Ascom Parma.

It is Federico Germi, owner of the company, the new president of the ICT Group (Information Communication Technology) of Ascom Parma. He was elected on 14/06 during the meeting of the constituent assembly of the ICT Group Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia of the province of Parma.
Federico Germi will remain in office for the next five years, accompanied by the vice president Polastri Stefano (E-Project) and the directors Benecchi Barbara (Seicento Group), Cappelli Carlo (Web 81), Carima Sergio (Immagica & Partner), Rastelli Michele (Area Italia), Riccò Mattia (Saracchi Studio & Partners), Zurlini Sabrina (freelancer) to draft and implement a comprehensive program of activities.

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Arcobaleno Ducale

La Ducale Alimentare for over 30 years selects the best of Italian artisan food production: the best of canned vegetables, fish, homemade pasta, jams and honey, typical bakery products and confectionery and a wide range of certified organic products.

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Gelato Guru Montebianco

On the web there is a behavioral revolution, which now sees two-thirds of users connect through their smartphone compared to the personal computer, with a growth rate of 50% per year.

Montebianco is one of the first companies in the food sector in Italy that has decided to invest in this new trend by creating APP GELATO GURU, whose goal is to reduce the gap between ice cream makers and artisanal gelato lovers, creating a direct communication system.

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Idrovita is an innovative water-repellent polymer, sodium-free, biodegradable, registered and certified for use in floriculture.
It is designed to reduce the consumption of water, regulate the water supply and oxygenate the soil with its mechanical movement, bringing the right welfare to the plants.
NEST S.r.l. he conceived and developed the Idrovita / Polygreen water-retreating polymer. It is a recently established company but with a strong experience in the field of innovative materials.
Ferrari Group and Ipierre System market and distribute the Idrovita product exclusively.

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C.C.T. Arquati

For over 20 years, tenacity, passion and efficiency are elements that distinguish the success of C.C.T. Arquati on the Italian curtain market.
C.C.T. Arquati offers to private individuals, companies and public bodies a complete service that includes the inspection, the design, the estimate and the realization of customized solutions with installation and after-sales assistance.

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With 150 centers in Italy and more than 500 in the world, Figurella is the largest international organization specialized in lifestyle and women's weight loss, a point of reference in the field of women's health and well-being.

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Supplier Register So.Ge.A.P

This wizard allows you to consult the regulations and the operating manual, to download the templates of the necessary documents and to submit online the application for registration in the Supplier Register of So.Ge.A.P. Aeroporto di Parma - Società per la Gestione S.p.A.

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Pareti Sport Center

Pareti Sport Center, a climbing hall opened in Parma in 2006, is the first large-scale modern-style room open in Italy and is the result of 35 years of indoor climbing in the city.
In recent years, Pareti Sport Center has scaled thousands of people, hundreds of school classes, forged athletes who have become adults together and in some cases professionals of climbing, like Michele Caminati.
He organized competitions of national and international relevance, from the Italian Cups to the Juvenile European Championship, and he invented the formula of bouldering rallies, copied all over the world.

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La nostra buona acqua

Water services portal. System for the management of billing for users of the municipal water system for the Municipality of Berceto (Parma).
The application manages all aspects of the municipal water system, from user records to tariffs, from management of readings to data processing, to the creation, printing and sending of invoices.

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Pareti Climbing Magazine

Pareti Climbing Magazine is the national reference for climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts. Since 1996 the Italian vertical to 360°: mountaineering, climbing, bouldering in 100 color pages.
2018 is the twenty-second year of publications of this magazine, twenty-two years of Pareti, about 8000 days of evolution of mountaineering and climbing, the tastes and habits of a population in a dramatic expansion.
"" is also one of the most important specialized websites in Italy.

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Also your website is not reported as not secure?
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Is it mandatory to switch to HTTPS?
Even if your site does not handle personal information or sensitive data, you should plan to move to HTTPS because general requirements in data protection area tend toward this direction. Google also announced that the use of HTTPS would improve the indexing of your site over competitors who do not.

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