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Rent Camper Italy

The rental and assistance professionals for motorhomes together for a quality service

Renting a motorhome is often a very delicate phase in the decision-making process that leads to the purchase of a recreational vehicle or not. For this reason, it is very important that the experience of those who rent the camper is positive and as carefree as possible and without unexpected events.

The professionals who have joined ASSOCAMP RENT & SERVICE know this well and are used to accompanying the customer on his rental path by offering the vehicle suitable for his needs; explaining in detail the functioning of the on-board services; offering driving and use advice; illustrating the current legislation; underlining the correct behaviors that those who rent must observe in order not to damage the whole category.

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Bolzoni - Sbernini Law Firm

Founded in 1975 by the lawyers Ferdinando Bolzoni and Fausto Sbernini, the Bolzoni Sbernini Law Firm is located in San Secondo Parmense (Parma).
In a strategic position with respect to the cities of Parma, Cremona and Piacenza, it represents a point of reference for the entire “Bassa Parmense”.
The Law Firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in all areas of civil law.

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The book houses

Recognizing reading as an instrument of cultural and social promotion, the Parma Cultura Digitale APS and Scambamente APS associations promote the ABC Adotta il Book Crossing project.
The project intends to strengthen the activities of the Scambamente association, promoter of the birth of the "Casette dei libri" in the Parma area, with the aim of extending the project for the dissemination of reading, through the creation of a permanent collaboration network between all realities that welcome the project and to make reading a widespread social habit.

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ASSOCAMP - National Association of Recreational Vehicle Operators and Camping Articles is the only Association in Italy of dealers of vehicles and equipment for outdoor tourism, with over 200 affiliates.

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Stefano Saccani Beauty Boutique Chiavari

Stefano Saccani Beauty Boutique Chiavari was born with the aim of developing new concepts of beauty, cultural innovation in the relationship with the customer, aimed of repositioning people's thoughts ad action, and remodeling them, developing new practices, new gestures, new expressive methods in the relationship with beauty.

"Connecting beauty to life", that is, reconnecting beauty to the consumer, which is life, then reconnecting beauty to life: this is the aim of the new project.

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Ager Veleias

Ager Veleias, review of history, civilization and classical traditions by the Veleiate Research Group. Documents and information on the archaeological site of the ancient Roman city of Veleia, in the Lugagnano Val d'Arda area in the province of Piacenza.

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Neighborhood Control Association Parma

The Neighborhood Control groups, born in the United States in the 1960s, are groups of inhabitants of the same area who decide to share information and responsibilities to ensure the safety of the place where they live, and call the Police if they notice something. suspected.
Nobody knows their area better than those who live there and none more than the residents are more able to assess anomalies.
The success of a neighborhood control project is given by the commitment to collaborate, each for their own tasks: collaborating first of all with neighbors, looking for and trying a solution to a possible problem as it should be between neighbors, and then collaborating with the Police when good will is not enough or when the situation is dangerous or goes beyond a civil behavior of mutual support.

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ABC Cardiopathic Child Association

ABC - Cardiopathic Child Association ODV has as its reference point Pediatric Cardiology, Simple departmental structure of the Maternal and Child Department of the University Hospital of Parma. The main purpose is to research, encourage, stimulate an optimal relationship between families and the operator of the social and health structure. Since 1984, seminars and study trips have been held, as well as conferences for parents, on the main childhood heart diseases, on their origins and their treatment, as well as on the psycho-social aspects connected to them.

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Dreaming Ligonchio

Ligonchio is a municipality of Ventasso in the province of Reggio Emilia (Emilia-Romagna). Autonomous municipality until 31 December 2015, it was then merged with Busana, Collagna and Ramiseto, giving life to the new municipality of Ventasso, of which it constitutes a municipality. Situated between the Ozola and Secchia valleys, near the slopes of Monte Cusna, the town is divided into two inhabited areas located at the foot of Monte della Croce: "La Valla" and "Ligonchio Sopra".

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ABC Snowboard Camp

ABC is first and foremost a Snowboard Camp.
Not a Camp like many, it is the only Camp that can include not only the coach of the national team Alessandro (Aie) Benussi, but also masters of great experience and professionalism, such as Mattia Cavalca and Davide Romano.
For the past 10 years, it has been the only European luxury Camp with summer headquarters in the beautiful resort of Les Deux Alpes, the first and only snowboard & mountain Camp.

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B&B "La Ghiandaia"

The B&B "La Ghiandaia" is located in Berceto, a village in the Parma Apennines between Val Taro and Val Baganza, at 852 meters above sea level. Easily accessible, just 2 km from the Cisa state road and 4 km from the Berceto motorway exit.
A stone jewel of the Parma Apennines, Berceto has always been a renowned tourist destination. The cool summer climate, pure air and proximity to the sea make it unique. Located on the Via Francigena, it is one of the Authentic Villages of Italy.
Thanks to the proximity of the A15 motorway exit, in just 45 minutes you can reach the Tyrrhenian Sea of Versilia or the Cinque Terre National Park. For this reason, Berceto is considered the mountain village closest to the sea.

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Parma International Airport

Parma International Airport website.
So.Ge.A.P. S.p.A. is the company for the management of Parma Airport, i.e. the manager, the person to whom, together with other activities or exclusively, is entrusted with the task of administering and managing the airport infrastructures and coordinating and controlling the activities of the various operators present at the airport.

The operator is the holder of a concession for the design, development, construction, adaptation, management, maintenance and use of airport systems and infrastructures, including state-owned assets entrusted to the airport and assumes the related responsibilities.