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B&B "La Ghiandaia"

The B&B "La Ghiandaia" is located in Berceto, a village in the Parma Apennines between Val Taro and Val Baganza, at 852 meters above sea level. Easily accessible, just 2 km from the Cisa state road and 4 km from the Berceto motorway exit.
A stone jewel of the Parma Apennines, Berceto has always been a renowned tourist destination. The cool summer climate, pure air and proximity to the sea make it unique. Located on the Via Francigena, it is one of the Authentic Villages of Italy.
Thanks to the proximity of the A15 motorway exit, in just 45 minutes you can reach the Tyrrhenian Sea of Versilia or the Cinque Terre National Park. For this reason, Berceto is considered the mountain village closest to the sea.

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Intranet of the Province of Parma

The previous Intranet site was born, at the end of the second millennium, from the need to provide internal staff with an agile and resilient tool, capable of providing the information stored in the databases of the various management procedures in a simple and integrated way.
There was therefore a need for a profound restructuring, both of technological adaptation and of perspective, also in consideration of the decision taken by the Authority to update the various management procedures to their most recent versions.
The intranet site restructuring project contemplates two aspects, one technical, aimed at improving the technological aspects through the adoption of more advanced and efficient development methodologies, integrated with graphic solutions in line with current market trends, and one architectural, of redesign of the functionalities in the light of the profound changes that have taken place.

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Bolondi Cleaning Heads

Officina Meccanica Bolondi Ivano offers a wide range of heads and rotating nozzles, made with high quality and technologically advanced components, capable of satisfying all washing and sanitizing needs.
Officina Meccanica Bolondi Ivano takes particular care of the integration with industrial machines and plants in the various business sectors.

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Stefano Saccani The Distribution

Beauty and fashion often walk hand in hand, seem to live in fusion with each other but in reality they solicit two opposite hemispheres of our head.
If fashion expands and becomes the game of visual recognition - "what is my style, what is my brand", beauty takes the opposite direction towards a more intimate and private space, our secret garden, devoting itself to the deepest well-being of our body and soul.
For over 10 years, small beauty companies specialized in cosmeceutical, organic, biologic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic preparations have been born and working diligently around the world. Companies often ignored and underestimated until they meet people who fully understand their thinking and pass it on with passion to the whole world.

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Parma International Airport

Parma International Airport website.
So.Ge.A.P. S.p.A. is the company for the management of Parma Airport, i.e. the manager, the person to whom, together with other activities or exclusively, is entrusted with the task of administering and managing the airport infrastructures and coordinating and controlling the activities of the various operators present at the airport.

The operator is the holder of a concession for the design, development, construction, adaptation, management, maintenance and use of airport systems and infrastructures, including state-owned assets entrusted to the airport and assumes the related responsibilities.

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GER Odv is a Christian-inspired voluntary organization that works in the social welfare field with the aim of social solidarity both in Italy and abroad.

The primary purpose of the association is to provide assistance to the most disadvantaged and marginalized people in society through material, moral and psychological aid.

Over time, the association's focus has become more marked towards concrete help for children in various situations of discomfort.

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ABC Snowboard Camp

ABC is first and foremost a Snowboard Camp.
Not a Camp like many, it is the only Camp that can include not only the coach of the national team Alessandro (Aie) Benussi, but also masters of great experience and professionalism, such as Mattia Cavalca and Davide Romano.
For the past 10 years, it has been the only European luxury Camp with summer headquarters in the beautiful resort of Les Deux Alpes, the first and only snowboard & mountain Camp.

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Ferrari Group

Ferrari Group, a production company active on the national and international market since 1954 with over 35 countries served worldwide, sees a core business structured on direct production items flanked by a series of products on exclusive marketing made up of different product sectors.
Oenology, an area in which it holds a position of international leadership thanks to products in internationally patented plastic food materials, and to a homebrewing sector consisting of accessories of recognized efficacy and a wide range of top-quality foreign malts.
Gardening, a sector in strong development based on complete lines of plastic, aluminum and brass articles for surface and underground irrigation, as well as equipment of all levels and modular greenhouses and boxes for tools of extraordinary quality and innovative design.
DIY / Nautical, with production characterized by the molding of anti-corrosion materials for pleasure boating. The complete range of diaphragm and bilge pumps, as well as mandatory accessories for boats, are the strength of the assortment.

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FT System

Antares and FT System combine their know-how, experience and vision to offer companies a unique player on the market, able to guarantee product quality and its traceability throughout the production chain with a smart data management. A unique and innovative solution to protect quality, brand reputation and the final consumer.

What does this mean for companies? The possibility, starting from inspections and accurate data, to optimize the production process, guarantee the quality and originality of the product by ensuring the transparency of the supply chain, map and trace the single product by eliminating the gray markets and the counterfeiting of the products, facilitate the operations of recalling a product and interacting with the end customer through interactive systems.

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In its headquarters in Quattro Castella (RE), at the foot of the Matildic hills, Ferrarilearn offers training and consulting services to companies in the fields of safety, environment, prevention, hygiene and privacy.

Agency: Alias Comunicazione

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Rigi Staff Recruiting

Since 1986 RIGI has worked in the Research, Selection and Training of Personnel, both on the national and international market in various product sectors: food, engineering, pharmaceutical, clothing, services, Public Bodies.
The selection is focused on finding professionals up to the level of Directives positions.

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Web portal for the sale of used, selected and guaranteed campers and caravans, from Dealer to Private.
The site offers visible and searchable ads for used vehicles offered by Dealers belonging to ASSOCAMP - National Association of Recreational Vehicle Operators and Articles for Camping.