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We use the latest technology. modern and high-performance infrastructure for performance and business continuity.

website service


We provide Windows and Linux (LAMP) hosting based on high-performance Cloud infrastructure, positioned within European Datacenter, which ensure high computing power, 500 Mbps Internet bandwidth and Anti-DDoS protection.
Windows hosting is compatible with Microsoft.NET, those Linux support leading CMS like Wordpress and Prestashop.
All services can be customized according to the needs with the addition of e-mail boxes, certified mailboxes (PEC), web analytics account, SSL certificates, etc.


Domain Registration

We provide the necessary advice to operate in a sector which is constantly and rapidly evolving as that of domains.
We register from their respective registers domain names in all extensions (TLDs), both the current ones, geographics and generics, both the new recently available on the market.
The domains are automatically renewed, you do not have to remember all the deadlines and not risk losing an important domain for non-renewal.
With the "Brand Protection Service" we register the domains in all countries where local regulations permit it, taking care of all the necessary bureaucratic steps.


Web Analytics

We make available a Web Analytics service based on the open source platform Piwik, which provides real-time detailed information about visits to a web site, including the provenance search engines, the keywords used, the language and the most visited pages.
The data are collected and processed in compliance with current regulations. Users can view their own reports on portal by authenticating with login data, or with the mobile App available for free download.


Geographic location information

The location-based technologies, linked with online mapping services, allow you to create mapping systems of the territory able to provide users with geo localized statistical information, which is useful especially in tourism. We made systems that, after detecting the user's location via a Mobile App show information relevant to the location, such as the places nearby, allow you to finding and view routes.
We have a constantly updated database, connecting to these applications, which now includes over 50,000 Points of Interest (POI) relative to the entire Italy relating to the history, nature, monuments, gastronomy, mystery, entertainment, events, culture, itineraries and trivia.


System integration

The web does not live isolated in their own context, sites and portals dialogue and interact with the outside world, the users, the company and its internal computer system.
You acquire information entered by users online, first recorded and then made available to the company in digital format, it connects to the company computer system to update rates and availability in the online shop, or simply you process existing information to view them in a suitable form on mobile application.
Whatever the need, a preliminary study allows to establish the feasibility of interfacing and the best operating procedures.


Software development

Our programming team creates custom web-based application, converts existing client/server applications to make them available online through our technical platform, integrates products and services of third parties. The development uses both Microsoft technologies, programming languages and relational database, both open source solutions, adapting this to the needs and customer choices.


Brand protection register a "package" of domains with the name of the company and its products, in the various extensions, it constitutes a viable strategy for their brand protection.
preventive recordings avoid long and costly operations necessary for the recovery of domains registered by third parties.


Indispensable for all

  • .COM
  • .EU
  • .IT
  • .NET
  • .ORG

Extending protection

  • .BIZ
  • .INFO
  • .MOBI
  • .NAME
  • .TEL
Country TLD

For those working abroad

  • .DE
  • .ES
  • .FR
  • .RU
  • .UK

A very huge selection

  • .BIO
  • .SRL